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A flying visit to Kew Gardens….

The Hive
The Hive is surrounded by a beautiful range of wildflowers and grasses… perfectly suited to pollinating bees

This summer DrBeekeeper visited a fantastic new installation called ‘The Hive’ by Wolfgang Buttress at Kew Gardens, London.

The Hive is constructed of thousands of pieces of aluminium trussed together to form a lattice or honeycomb effect. It really is awe- inspiring to look at!

A view from below looking up at the metal structure
A view from below looking up at the metal structure

Now here’s the clever bit… the structure is fitted with speakers and LED lights which respond to the energy levels in a real, active hive on the Kew site. The light and sound patterns change in line with surges in activity in the parent hive.  The installation encapsulates all the senses associated with being a real bee in a working hive. The Hive is set in a garden of wildflowers and grasses, which deserve appreciation on their own.

A must see for anyone interested in beekeeping and botanical art.

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